Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

New Beginnings

That night (see Welcome To The Jungle III) The storm that had been raging around the island grew to its worst yet!

Many whirlwinds and Cyclones were seen among the jungle of Sky, and they devastated many towns and villages; even Starcross did not survive unscathed; much less the bridge connecting Lookout Point to Starcross. massive storm surges battered the communities on Barkadeer Lake and there was much destruction.

A cyclone rushed through the lost city too, it was seen to take Ivan and Littleclaw aloft, arms flailing as it lifted them away into the storm drenched sky. They are feared lost, as there is a lot of tempestuous ocean between Sky and the mainland. But, they are heroes – and who knows where they may end up; such is the way of Shaintar.

16 Red Wolf, 3123 By morning, all was calm; strangely the damage done to Sky by the storm had repaired itself, parts of the caldera wall that had collapsed in the storms were rebuilt, floods had gone away; and the skies were blue. Buildings, however were still smashed and damaged, and the island found itself mostly bereft of chickens, goats and other meat.

The ziggurat was hit by a cyclone and wrecked, which destroyed the magic hiding the city. Caelor decided noone could have survived the damage done and led the city dwellers to freedom. These hundred people have now taken residence near lookout point and will serve as an army to aid the heroes of sky in times of need, there is a wide variety of skills and combatants in the city dwellers and all are loyal to the Heroes of Sky for having liberated them from the Childer and their leader.



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