Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The heroes must travel to Corville and then onto the road to Eriden in order to find the next map point, following the clue:

“The second ye seek on a half cut step ’tween Corville and Eriden. Turn your backs to the sunrise and look into the jungle. It is a fair tower to be sure.”

I (Stoatra) recieved a message from Edwin and Caelor detailing the events, which I have provided below.

The heroes were ambushed by bandits before they even reached Corville, and after a show of strength (and the accidental damage to a tree from caelor’s powerful magic) as well as the might of Ivan, the bandits were slain.

From the caldera caves to their right, about 150ft up a Ratzin appeared. Ivan recalled it was the Ratzin they had killed in the Childer cave near Desperation, it threatened them with revenge and ran into the cave out of sight. After cutting down and putting out the fire on the tree the heroes resolved to catch the Ratzin and so went to climb the caldera wall.

After some difficulty they climbed to the cave to find the Ratzin long gone. Ever the intrepid heroes they ventured into the caldera tunnels and after Ivan triggered a trap they were fired out of of another cave by a water jet. Only Caelor landed heavily, severaly injuring himself, luckily Edwin was at hand to repair the damage.

Being bored in Corville where I sent him, Littleclaw came to meet the heroes and happened upon them just after they were fired out of the cave.

After finally reaching Corville, the heroes learned the Childer were mobilising forces; reports from the jungle said an army was massing in the interior. Nava and Littclaw were full of nervous energy after nightfall, and while the others tried to sleep, they made a nuisance of themselves around the town.

The following day as they planned to leave, a local Bandit Prince by the name of Lamin paid them a visit. He has heard of their quest to stop the opening of the Cauldron and certainly didnt want it to occur, thusly he offered safe passage through his lands as he did not want evil to triumph. Despite Caelors rude dismissal of him, Edwin felt he would keep his word.

The innkeeper at the Wandering Quail took information from Edwin about the word of Arkanon, so hopefully we may have another convert to Light in the coming weeks.

Halfway along the road to Eridan following the clue they found a step with the Builder rune ‘2’ chiselled into it. Looking to the west from there showed a large tree, towering over its neighbours by a good 100 feet.

At this point, the Ratzin appeared from the caves behind them, and his allies from around them; he spoke briefly about how he intended to kill the heroes, before his allies attacked and were inevitably slaughtered. A close look at the Ratzin revealed him to be a corpse, somehow animated with the semblance of life. The heroes burned all the bodies as Caelor obfuscated the location of the Builder marks on the steps.

The heroes resolved to return to Corville, and from there travel to the next map point, after Edwin had provided more information to the innkeeper about the Church.



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