Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The Naked Brinchie

The characters are tasked with finding the Brinchie Kangessh, who was travelling to Bridgeton from Oceandell, when her carriage and entourage were attacked by Childer. Some passing travellers found the wrecked carriage and it looked like the occupants were dragged off into caves in the caldera wall. Stoatra places great emphasis that she should be recovered alive and uninjured.
Ranger Francesca, Vorlin, Ortus Mallum and Morgan Sparrow were sent to find the Brinchie and bring her safely home.

Sea Crabs

Along the way to find the carriage, they came across a swarm of baby sea crabs heading back out to sea after hatching. They assumed the characters were food and began to attack. A swift sword blow by Ortus put paid to them and Vorlin cooked a few of the smashed bodies for supper.

Old Crab Catchers

Seeing their success with the crabs, a group of old crab catchers offer the character’s advice, food and company. The Rangers declined thinking they were better employed searching for the Brinchie. The crab catchers did point them in the direction of the wrecked carriage.


The Rangers find the attack site, a wrecked caravan and eight Ratzin are picking over the ruins looking for salvage. Upon seeing the Rangers, they draw daggers and attack! They were despatched quickly apart from the final two who hid in the brush and ran away when they saw their fellows cut down so easily.
The Rangers pressed on after finding a crystal on a chain which radiated magic but appears to belong to a Brinchie.

The Cave

Upon investigation, the Rangers have discovered which cave the Brinchie is in, and we begin with the them having reached the approach to the cave entrance.
The cave entrance yawns before you, it is quite overgrown, but there is a visible path into the interior. The sand around it and heading to the sea is churned up by a combination of feet and animal tracks, most likely Giant Crabs as they are common on this side of the island. It is pitch black inside and you can hear dripping water from within. Unperturbed you light your torches and step into the darkness.
The Rangers tore through the cave like avenging angels, destroying Ratzin easily with blade and spell, when they cornered the last of them he was holding a blade to Kangessh’s throat. After a very intimidating command by Francesca he released the Brinchie and stepped backwards off the ledge behind him, fleeing to safety, shouting for revenge as he did so.



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