Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The heroes headed off to the region of Starcross known as the Needles in order to find the Shayakar which cut off Ivan’s foster father’s little fingers.

Upon arrival at the Needles, the heroes were faced with the problem of finding where in the area of caldera wall and associated platforms and buildings their quarry was. Luckily they found a small tavern and enquired within; an Eldakar said he had shipped a Shayakar into the Needles about a week ago – he said he was a decent sort, and simply seeking fortune and adventure, he was very useful about ship. He told the heroes that he had gone into the needle istself, likely up to the top floor where the ‘boss’ dwelled.

Now knowing where he was, gaining access to the part of the buildings built into the stone pinnacle of the section of ruined caldera wall proved to be problematic and after some abuse by guards on a neraby tower they posed as travellers needing to hire a boat and simply knocked on the door.

They were granted access by a middle-aged man, who took Ivan and Edwin into the office area to sort out the paperwork. Edwin motioned to Ivan to hit him over the head so they could then search the needle unimpeded – sadly, Ivan’s strength betrayed him and he hit the scribe so hard he killed him and splattered the inside of his head all over the desk and wall.

As they hurridley left the room, a small child ran past the heroes outside and went into the office where Edwin and ivan were, his excited shouts of daddy! daddy! quickly trned to screams of horror when he saw what had happened. In a panic and trying to limit the situation before it really got out of hand, Edwin convinced Sessrik to implant a false memory into the mind of the child, that his dad had fallen from some ladders in an accident. While Edwin took the upset child back to his parents, and to try and explain what had happened, they moved the scribes body to the foot of the stairs they had found which led upward.

Shortly after, Edwin, the child and his mother along with a host of others who had heard of the death returned. After a short while he ushered them out into the street ostensibly so he could ‘pray for the deceased’ and barred the door behind them. Littleclaw who had left and gone outside saw the two guards who had given them trouble having left their tower and headed off saying something about “finding the militia, because this stinks” he slipped inside before the doors were fully barred and informed the others of what he had heard.

The way up was barred by iron gates, however Ivan tore off the gates and continued unimpeded. As the heroes left to go upstairs, they could hear the people outside rattling at the doors, trying to get back in.

They resolved to continue on and try to reach the Shayakar before the militia caught up with them.



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