Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The heroes hoped to find the Shayakar before the militia caught up with them over the death of the scribe.

The militia had the doors open below then quite quickly; as the heroes fled, Nava stood at the top of the stairs barking and would not move away. Not understanding what was wrong with Nava, the heroes moved on.

Shortly after – the militia ran up the stairs and into the storerooms of this level; Littleclaw had hidden himself under some crates and boxes, while Caelor tried to delay the militia by causing some of the supply boxes to fall and impede tham – sadly this failed and rather than harm anyone, Caelor surrendered. Edwin and Sessrik went into the other room and could hear the lift being winched up towards them, likely with more militia within; Ivan did not wait and crashed through the gate leading to the level above. This proved to be a market area, in which traders were setting up stalls – he was somewhat taken aback as he did not expect to see such a thing here.

The lift did indeed prove to house militia. They quickly took everyone prisoner save Littleclaw and Ivan. The prisoners were moved outside onto the wooden platform to await the communnity leader. The lift was winched up and after a seemingly agonising wait, he arrived, flanked by guards and following along behind; the Shayakar they had been seeking.

Ivan came out of the building and surrendered; whilst Littleclaw with a masterful display of stealth, positioned himself among the crowd. The community leader was all for forcing them to fall to their deaths from the edge of the platform. They were saved however, by of all people; the Shayakar.

He persuaded the community leader to set them free. he explained they had only came looking for him and he beleived the death was an honest mistake, and if Ivan was willing to forget the incident with his parents, it would be for the best to simply ban them from the community for the rest of their lives. Ivan grudgingly agreed.

At this point Littleclaw stealthily made his way to the roof and picked the pocket of the Shayakar, taking a small bag which he hoped would contain the keys they sought.

The heroes left the community somewhat sheepishly and when Littleclaw openend the bag, all he found was a few coins and a note which read “sorry boys, not here”

The heroes resolved to go south in the jungle to the location where the mastermind of the Childer attacks was rumoured to be, after a stop over in Starcross for supplies and to collect Ivans maul and Littleclaws sword.



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