Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The Truth of the Matter

The Heroes find themselves banished from Starcross after the events involving the mob in the graveyard and the resulting attack and slaughter at Bridgeton and Lookout Point. After some investigation, Stoatra had determined that the person who tipped off the mob was the captain of ‘The Johangir’, a man by the name of Stavok Gregan. He was moored in Starcross offloading cargo that night; he is normally based in North Harbor, but since the incident appears to have fled Sky Island for the Freelands.
The heroes receive a message from Allieris, to meet her in the jungle between Corville and Eriden, through the caldera wall passage. Stoatra decides to accompany the heroes as he is intrigued as to the need for secrecy.
Sarkan and Raok headed off down to Corville along with Stoatra. Cob and Wrexx were to follow afterwards. On the journey down, they came across migratory giant sea crabs, which wisely they let pass into the jungle as they do at certain times of year. They reached Corville without further incident. Once there they looked around the town familiarising themselves with it, and the places therein. Deciding to stay at the tavern of the Sheep & Leek they awaited the others. Raok asked around for information about a monster in the jungle and was pleased to find out that the legend they had started was alive and well.
Cob and Wrexx arrived the next morning, just as they were setting off. Cob left the horse at tavern and they ventured into the jungle. As they passed through the caldera tunnel, they saw a woman at the edge of the road to Eriden, she waved to them and walked off into the jungle, leaving the heroes to follow her.
When they caught up, she had already reached a small clearing, where she stood with Allieris and another woman. After introductions were made for her companions; Elisha and Idona, Allieres got down to the reason she asked them to meet her here.
She revealed that an informer of hers (one of the gravediggers in Starcross cemetery) had told her of the presence of the Necromancer, so she asked Stavok to whip up a mob and get rid of him, and she would take the same action again without hesitation. She had not known the Heroes of Sky were meeting the Necromancer, and admitted that even if she had knew, she would still have sent the mob – cant take chances with Necromancers in Starcross.
She admitted she could have stopped the mob from attacking Bridgeton and Lookout Point, but thought it prudent to keep herself out of the scene in order to protect her own interests.
Stoatra was outraged and felt betrayed by Allieris for not stopping the mob being killed by the defences at Bridgeton, not only because they were meant to be friends, but also because innocent lives were lost.Cob was not impressed by the revelation also.
The discourse was suddenly interrupted when a massive humanoid crashed through the jungle swinging his club. The first strike smashed into Allieris and her companions, smashing them into the trees and unconsciousness.
The huge misshapen humanoid launched at the Heroes of Sky next, attacking them with its great club. Although they inflicted some grievous wounds upon the beast, they seemed to have little effect upon it; without warning it lurched off into the jungle at the sound of a whistle. The whistle was blown by a hooded figure on the wall of the caldera, who ran off soon after.
As the heroes recovered an arrow smashed into the ground next to them. This arrow had a note wrapped around it. Sarkan picked up the note and read it “Desist in meddling in my plans or YOUR dead will rise” – the heroes decided not to chase after the beast and its mysterious controller, instead focusing on ascertaining the health of Allieris and her friends.
Allieris and Idona were picked up and taken back to Corville, where they received some medical attention. When Allieris awoke she was livid when she discovered they heroes had left Elisha behind in the jungle, alone and defenceless. She immediately sent a runner to Starcross to get reinforcements and as a group they went back into the jungle to find their companion.
The trackers found the trail quickly and it led into the jungle. After following it for a while Cob heard a scream which was suddenly cut off. He ran off after the sound leaving the others stood around dumbfounded.
He discovered Elisha was being held by the throat, in the claws of a huge skeleton. Without a second thought he attacked, followed shortly thereafter by the other heroes. The battle was short and brutal, ending when Wrexx with an ill-advised attack – smashed the skeleton against a tree, splintering it with terrific force. At this point he realised that Elisha was still in its claws, and she had been bashed against the tree also. Left with a terrible head injury, only Allieris and Idona managed to save her, though she was likely to be left with a terrible scar.
Allieris was furious with the heroes. Her companion was injured, and only just saved from dying. She vowed to try and help the Heroes back into Starcross as promised, save for Wrexx. She said she would never aid him again in any way.
The Heroes and Allieris parted ways; the former back to Lookout Point and the latter to Starcross.



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