Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The heroes had resolved to go south in the jungle to the location where the mastermind of the Childer attacks was rumoured to be, after a stop over in Starcross for supplies and to collect Ivans maul and Littleclaws sword.

After collecting supplies they headed to Woodbush and from there into the jungle.

There are few trails in the jungle of the interior so travelling south was hard going. A little ways in, they came across Traaver, who engaged them in brief conversation – he was very cagey as to his reasons for being abroad in the jungle.

Along one of the trails they met a traveller who recognizes them; it is Fryn. he was one of the militia from the Needles. he is in a difficult situation and asks for their help and in return he would clear their name back home. he and his daughter Enesk were travelling back home after a meeting , when she was taken during the night, he saw which way they went, but not what took her, as he was knocked unconscious – the last thing he saw by the light if the full moon was a very hairy arm.

Our heroes agree to aid him and set off to find the kidnapper, whom they suspected was Traaver. After following the trail smashed through the jungle they see a small clearing with a campfire, atop which is a bubbling cooking pot. Enesk is naked, in a cage next to a bloodstained bench adorned with cleavers, meat hooks and similar butchery equipment.

Next to the fire is her captor; a mighty minotaur! As he sees the heroes he gets up from beside the fire and charges headlong at them. This knocks poor Edwin clean out and injures Caelor. Luckily the heroes prevailed and slew the mighty beast after a degree of injury.

They free Enesk, return her to her father and limp back to Woodbush to lick their wounds before attempting the jungle again.



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