Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

A few weeks have passed since we last met our heroes. They had traveled back to Starcross after Edwin was recalled to the Church of Light in the city. While there, the minutiae of everyday life consumed their time.

Several circumstances however, caused concern.

  • A man walked into the Poop deck. Asked to see Alieris and when she appeared, he exploded. The inn was damaged, but not irreparably.
  • A hooded figure threw a bag packed with Explosive Consequences through the door of the Church of Light in Starcross. The current High Priest; Lady Janemita was annihilated in the blast, and the resultant fire badly damaged the Church. The next day a note was found pinned to the door of the church.

In both cases, responsibility for these incidents was claimed by the Stygian Brotherhood; a shadowy association of necromancers and other ne’er do wells.

The heroes resolved to find this group as they had come across them before, and after some research it was discovered that they aren’t normally quite so overt in their activities; The heroes had identified via Alieris that a large consignment of crystal vials had come to Starcross by way of Flotsam, and were collected by a hooded figure.

The heroes figured this was the best lead they had, so they headed South to investigate.

Staying over at Corville, they learned the innkeeper (who had prior been converted by Edwin into the service of Arkanon) had been spreading the word and raised the funds to build a church there. The next morning as they left the inn an arrow bearing a note thudded into the wall by Ivan’s head; they took the note and went back into the taproom, where they discovered it said “Come no further south Ivan, lest fate deal more injury to your parents” and it was signed by Konyk.

They asked the innkeep if he had heard of Konyk and he wasn’t sure beyond the historical figure who set up Starcross. An old man at a table said he had heard of him. He proceeded to tell them of Konyk’s association with the Childer and the organisation known as the Stygian Brotherhood, but warned that divulging who had told them would likely cost him his life. He also said the best way to find him was to go West to Eriden and then travel South West into the jungle.

The heroes resolved to travel north to where the Caldera wall began to collapse and then cut across and into the jungle, just in case the route to Eriden was being monitored. As they cut through the ruined section of wall, some of it fell on them – injuring Caelor and Nava. They set camp south of the crossing point.

When they awoke they discovered Ghezin has been through the camp, and had smashed several of Ivan’s Vodka bottles; they found one of the Ghezin dead and holding a bottle of Vodka.

Further south and into the jungle they ran into Traaver who was camped in the jungle. he recognized the name ‘Konyk’ as they guy behind the Childer – he said they were heading the wrong direction though, as the collared leaders of them used to go South to a place West of Emperors Vantage, and although he had never been there – he had followed some of them to that area. he agreed to take them to that area, and he would decide later if he wanted to continue with them.

The heroes begin a search pattern to try and find the place where the Childer went. After several tries they all found themselves in a clearing facing a townscape. Hidden from discovery by strange magic. from the roofs grew plants, and the town was dominated by a massive zigggurat surrounded by a moat with only one access point.

They resolved to continue into the town and investigate further.



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