Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The heroes upon finding the hidden city in the jungle had resolved to investigate further.

As they entered the town they saw the building roofs were being used to grow plants/crops, with some kind of rainwater irrigation method. The people of the city saw them coming and from his vantage point atop a building Content Not Found: littleclaw heard mention of the “Heroes of Sky”; and as the crowd gathered an old man emerged from it.

It transpired that he felt the characters presence was the catalyst he needed to get the cityfolk into combat against a force of Childer in the other half of the city who had been preying on them for food. Having no battle knowledge but remembering lessons taught by the Adepts of the Jade Flame – Littleclaw convinced them to fight defensively, whilst he went to look for their leader, hoping to kill him and end the problem.

Consequently they went to battle against the Childer. The cityfolk were outnumbered 2 to 1. Battle was joined. After suffering heavy losses, the Childer finally retreat but not before leaving the defensive force terribly weakened and fully one third of its original size. Caelor Oakdrifter was leading the cityfolk – however, after being injured in the fight, one of the old men advised him on the best tactics to use, which ultimately led them to victory, albeit at a terrible price.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: littleclaw_ using his Adept magic sped through the jungle on his mission to kill the head of the Childer. After returning to the _Content Not Found: ivan-the-lighthouse-sokolov to retrieve his ring which allows him to walk on water – he crossed the moat and infiltrated the ziggurat.

Coming across two goblins, he despatched them before they could utter a sound, and eventually discovered a room containing an old man (obviously a spellcaster) and two very large Trolls. Littleclaw took a run at high speed to charge and attack the villain but was stopped short when he crashed into an invisible barrier so hard, he made the whole building ring like a gong. The villain and his companions looked at Littleclaw and purposefully tuned away – walking out of the room.

He resolved to find a way round to get to him and thus went hunting through the other passage from his entry point. Although he didnt find him, he did find and dispatch a Minotaur in spectacular fashion (running along the wall and stabbing him with both of his swords, all the while not making a sound). Following the door from here eventually led to the outside – at which point Littleclaw returned to the battle.

With the battle over, the heroes mopped up the injured Childer, killing them for the good of the island.

The heroes intended to go to the ziggurat and kill the villain. However, the remaining Childer were camped outside the access point to this fortress, and so a different tactic was required. Content Not Found: ivan-the-lighthouse-sokolov was asked to run through the encampment, and hopefully, they would chase him onto the bridge, where Caelor waited to destroy it and them.

The chase began. Ivan ran through campfires, breaking limbs and smashing heads as he went; fully 90% of the Childer ran snarling after him – straight onto the bridge and into their trap. Caelor Oakdrifter loosed his Eldritch Jet which smashed into the bridge, striking a weak point and causing the entire stone structure to collapse; the air rang with the screams of the dying Childer and the sound of collapsing masonry.

As the dust settled battle was joined again! More Childer hurtled out of the jungle towards the heroes and were intercepted by the city folk who the Heroes had aided earlier after the first battle. The Childer did not prevail and were despatched in short order.

Triumphant – the Heroes and the city folk returned to their homes, safe in the knowledge that the Childer were dead and their evil master trapped in his fortress. Forever would it be known among the folks of the City that it was the Heroes of Sky that liberated them from the Childer threat, and they would always be welcomed with open arms here.

This day would be remembered in legend!



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