Wrexx of the Ironwood

Ogre Grappler Mercenary


Description: A burly gray skinned ogre of ten foot tall, he was quite small compared to other behemoths.







9 in.


-2(-4 with outsider)


Skills: Boating D4, Climbing D4, Fighting D10, Intimidation D4, Notice D4 (+2 for smell), Throwing D6, Knowledge:Battle D4, Swimming D8, Survival D4

Edges: Behemoth, Fleet Footed, Martial Arts

Obligation:(minor) Law of Kor- Except for his gluttonous nature for coin, he follows it as it represents his commitment to martial arts
Habit (minor) Hedonist. Gives -1 charisma as all people think hes good for is getting pissed and partying
Code of Honor (Major) Abides by a particular code, mainly targeting those unjust and when forced leave the weak mostly unharmed.

Korindian Studded Leather (2 armor, -4 coverage), Great White Shark Belt (Fashioned like Pro Wrestling belt), Wine skin, Flint n Steel , Bedroll, Rations

Racial Abilities:
Bad Eyes: Ogres are mighty, except where their eyes
are concerned; they suffer a -2 on all Trait rolls dealing
with anything more than 5” (thirty feet) away.
Big Target: Attackers gain 1 to attack rolls made
against ogres.
Great Strides: Ogres have a natural Pace of 7”
instead of 6”.
Keen Sense of Smell: Ogres begin with Notice d4 at
the start and +2 to Notice rolls based on smell.
Mighty and Resilient: Ogres begin with
an impressive starting Strength and Vigor of d8.
Furthermore, their natural maximum Strength is d12
while their natural maximum Vigor is d12+2.
Monstrous Size and Appearance: Ogres suffer
a -2 Charisma due to their appearance and bearing with
Outsider: All goblinesh face some social stigmas, no
matter how progressive the society they are in.
Reach: Ogres have Reach 1.
Size +2: Ogres add 2 to their natural Toughness due
to their great bulk.
Slow and Pliable: Ogres must spend double
points to raise Smarts and Spirit at character creation.
Furthermore, their Smarts can never be higher than d8.
Thermal Vision:

Defining Interests:
Fishing, Military
Goblinesh, Galean,

5 xp: Martial Arts: Ironwood Wrestling
10 xp: Wrestler


Borne on the island of Korinda, Wrexx had an insatiable hunger for adventure outside of his home. Though complimented even in youth for enthusiastically training himself in the ways of martial arts, he took that competitive spirit head on for any intruders as a Fist of Kor with the trademark tunics. Kor-In appeared impossible with impulses ruling him, finding the romance for traveling and exploring everything more advantageous and not limiting.

A testament to his training he swim to other Islands with difficulty to condition himself, there he felt alone, but no longer restricted. Comically, he entered the profession of becoming a mercenary in order to survive on his own, taking it first by getting rewarded a room to drive off bandits extorting them. Though coin was sinful, Wrexx found no stigma from utilizing it. Despite turning his back to his home, Kor remained in his heart for his teachings to defend others and not weaponize metal. Soon throughout the region of the open waters he gained the reputation as a hedonistic giant, accepting jobs to feed his vices though displayed an honest heart.

Half a year ago Wrexx reached Sky Island by traversing through the Pirate Archipelago via a nice ship borrowed from some slavers, finding it a paradise to get some jobs and rough up a few pirates along the way. Stoatra recognized his actions even knowing of the type of character he is, the burly merc glad to help knowing with helping the people he also is rewarded through the spoils of those who dare harm the people.

Wrexx of the Ironwood

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