Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

The Naked Brinchie

The characters are tasked with finding the Brinchie Kangessh, who was travelling to Bridgeton from Oceandell, when her carriage and entourage were attacked by Childer. Some passing travellers found the wrecked carriage and it looked like the occupants were dragged off into caves in the caldera wall. Stoatra places great emphasis that she should be recovered alive and uninjured.
Ranger Francesca, Vorlin, Ortus Mallum and Morgan Sparrow were sent to find the Brinchie and bring her safely home.

Sea Crabs

Along the way to find the carriage, they came across a swarm of baby sea crabs heading back out to sea after hatching. They assumed the characters were food and began to attack. A swift sword blow by Ortus put paid to them and Vorlin cooked a few of the smashed bodies for supper.

Old Crab Catchers

Seeing their success with the crabs, a group of old crab catchers offer the character’s advice, food and company. The Rangers declined thinking they were better employed searching for the Brinchie. The crab catchers did point them in the direction of the wrecked carriage.


The Rangers find the attack site, a wrecked caravan and eight Ratzin are picking over the ruins looking for salvage. Upon seeing the Rangers, they draw daggers and attack! They were despatched quickly apart from the final two who hid in the brush and ran away when they saw their fellows cut down so easily.
The Rangers pressed on after finding a crystal on a chain which radiated magic but appears to belong to a Brinchie.

The Cave

Upon investigation, the Rangers have discovered which cave the Brinchie is in, and we begin with the them having reached the approach to the cave entrance.
The cave entrance yawns before you, it is quite overgrown, but there is a visible path into the interior. The sand around it and heading to the sea is churned up by a combination of feet and animal tracks, most likely Giant Crabs as they are common on this side of the island. It is pitch black inside and you can hear dripping water from within. Unperturbed you light your torches and step into the darkness.
The Rangers tore through the cave like avenging angels, destroying Ratzin easily with blade and spell, when they cornered the last of them he was holding a blade to Kangessh’s throat. After a very intimidating command by Francesca he released the Brinchie and stepped backwards off the ledge behind him, fleeing to safety, shouting for revenge as he did so.

The Truth of the Matter

The Heroes find themselves banished from Starcross after the events involving the mob in the graveyard and the resulting attack and slaughter at Bridgeton and Lookout Point. After some investigation, Stoatra had determined that the person who tipped off the mob was the captain of ‘The Johangir’, a man by the name of Stavok Gregan. He was moored in Starcross offloading cargo that night; he is normally based in North Harbor, but since the incident appears to have fled Sky Island for the Freelands.
The heroes receive a message from Allieris, to meet her in the jungle between Corville and Eriden, through the caldera wall passage. Stoatra decides to accompany the heroes as he is intrigued as to the need for secrecy.
Sarkan and Raok headed off down to Corville along with Stoatra. Cob and Wrexx were to follow afterwards. On the journey down, they came across migratory giant sea crabs, which wisely they let pass into the jungle as they do at certain times of year. They reached Corville without further incident. Once there they looked around the town familiarising themselves with it, and the places therein. Deciding to stay at the tavern of the Sheep & Leek they awaited the others. Raok asked around for information about a monster in the jungle and was pleased to find out that the legend they had started was alive and well.
Cob and Wrexx arrived the next morning, just as they were setting off. Cob left the horse at tavern and they ventured into the jungle. As they passed through the caldera tunnel, they saw a woman at the edge of the road to Eriden, she waved to them and walked off into the jungle, leaving the heroes to follow her.
When they caught up, she had already reached a small clearing, where she stood with Allieris and another woman. After introductions were made for her companions; Elisha and Idona, Allieres got down to the reason she asked them to meet her here.
She revealed that an informer of hers (one of the gravediggers in Starcross cemetery) had told her of the presence of the Necromancer, so she asked Stavok to whip up a mob and get rid of him, and she would take the same action again without hesitation. She had not known the Heroes of Sky were meeting the Necromancer, and admitted that even if she had knew, she would still have sent the mob – cant take chances with Necromancers in Starcross.
She admitted she could have stopped the mob from attacking Bridgeton and Lookout Point, but thought it prudent to keep herself out of the scene in order to protect her own interests.
Stoatra was outraged and felt betrayed by Allieris for not stopping the mob being killed by the defences at Bridgeton, not only because they were meant to be friends, but also because innocent lives were lost.Cob was not impressed by the revelation also.
The discourse was suddenly interrupted when a massive humanoid crashed through the jungle swinging his club. The first strike smashed into Allieris and her companions, smashing them into the trees and unconsciousness.
The huge misshapen humanoid launched at the Heroes of Sky next, attacking them with its great club. Although they inflicted some grievous wounds upon the beast, they seemed to have little effect upon it; without warning it lurched off into the jungle at the sound of a whistle. The whistle was blown by a hooded figure on the wall of the caldera, who ran off soon after.
As the heroes recovered an arrow smashed into the ground next to them. This arrow had a note wrapped around it. Sarkan picked up the note and read it “Desist in meddling in my plans or YOUR dead will rise” – the heroes decided not to chase after the beast and its mysterious controller, instead focusing on ascertaining the health of Allieris and her friends.
Allieris and Idona were picked up and taken back to Corville, where they received some medical attention. When Allieris awoke she was livid when she discovered they heroes had left Elisha behind in the jungle, alone and defenceless. She immediately sent a runner to Starcross to get reinforcements and as a group they went back into the jungle to find their companion.
The trackers found the trail quickly and it led into the jungle. After following it for a while Cob heard a scream which was suddenly cut off. He ran off after the sound leaving the others stood around dumbfounded.
He discovered Elisha was being held by the throat, in the claws of a huge skeleton. Without a second thought he attacked, followed shortly thereafter by the other heroes. The battle was short and brutal, ending when Wrexx with an ill-advised attack – smashed the skeleton against a tree, splintering it with terrific force. At this point he realised that Elisha was still in its claws, and she had been bashed against the tree also. Left with a terrible head injury, only Allieris and Idona managed to save her, though she was likely to be left with a terrible scar.
Allieris was furious with the heroes. Her companion was injured, and only just saved from dying. She vowed to try and help the Heroes back into Starcross as promised, save for Wrexx. She said she would never aid him again in any way.
The Heroes and Allieris parted ways; the former back to Lookout Point and the latter to Starcross.

Angry Mobs

19 Gray Winds 3123

Since the last adventure, the Heroes of Sky had been disturbed to hear stories from the communities across the island of the dead rising from their graves and walking off into the jungle interior of the island. In order to try and determine the truth, Stoatra had sent word out through his contacts that he was looking into the situation.

A Necromancer by the name of Dederic, known to the Heroes as a ‘neutral’ party; he had aided them before contacted Stoatra with some information. He wanted to meet someone from the Heroes by the Tomb of Lanyar in Starcross to discuss what he knew and to gain some help in dealing with the problem. Stoatra decided to send the newest recruits to the meeting.

The Heroes arrived at the the Tomb after Wrexx was clearly told that Dederic was NOT to be harmed in any way.

The graveyard in Starcross is a large circular walled place with the Tomb of Lanyar in the centre. Lanyar was one of the original Heroes of Sky, back when Stoatra first formed the group – he died in a battle liberating Starcross from the pirates and a small group of Childer, and thus he was honored with a central tomb and statue. His tomb is used as a meeting point in the graveyard due to being central, and known of by the majority of citizens.
Upon arrival, Dederic could be seen skulking in the shadows, trying to remain inconspicuous in his black hooded robes. He introduced himself to the group and asked if they had heard of the dead rising across the island. He went on to say that he suspected the Stygian Brotherhood were responsible; and although he couldn’t prove it they Heroes needed to be aware of their possible involvement. He suggested they might start investigating by laying in wait at a graveyard for the dead to rise and look for a Necromancer or the like who might be responsible.
One of the group noticed a flickering glow coming from the graveyard entrance. This turned out to be a large angry mob with pitchfork, torches, axes, and swords. The could be heard shouting “burn the necromancer”, which understandably made Dederic nervous. As they approached the Heroes, Dederic fled, only to be captured and dragged back by two burly individuals a few moments later. Sarkan watched them intently as he was aware they were not to allow any harm to come to Dederic.

The crowd were furious that a Necromancer was in their graveyard with his accomplices intending to despoil their dead. Cobb and Wrexx tried to intimidate the crowd into leaving but this was thwarted by an individual within the crowd, who looked like he was from a restaurant given his cooks attire. This man spurred the crowd on and enraged them once more. Wrexx made the unfortunate comment “they look tasty” which in conjunction with the shouting from the crowd triggered Sarkan’s battle rage. As he was watching the people who had hold of Dederic he launched himself at them, tearing the arm off one of them, and gnawing on the flesh as he did so. The other individual, sensibly ran for the hills, leaving the group facing an even more enraged crowd.
At this point one of the crowd realised who the Heroes were and ramped up the situation by shouting “They’re the Heroes of Sky – protecting a Necromancer, they’re in league with evil, Burn them, Burn them all!” Roughly half the crowd ran off with him intending to burn both Bridgeton and Lookout Point. The heroes’ situation looked hopeless, they were still facing some 150 angry folk and they unable to warn their compadres at Lookout Point of the incoming problem. Despite further attempts to diffuse the situation to no avail, the Heroes resolved to try and fight their way out of the graveyard. Thus they launched at the angry mob. The resulting melee wasn’t pretty or elegant in any way, and after both Cob and Sarkan were injured, the situation was resolved by Wrexx, who with heroic effort smashed scores of cityfolk until their morale broke and the able-bodied fled the scene. Cobb tried speaking to the injured folk left behind and inadvertently implied that the Heroes may indeed have attacked Dederic – as a result of which he fled swearing never to aid the Heroes again.

Shortly thereafter the City Watch arrived, alerted by someone in the crowd some time before. They surveyed the scene and while enquiring what happened were told of the crowd going after Bridgeton. They weren’t interested in that situation, instead insisting the Heroes went with them quietly to the Gaol. Rather than fight more, due to injury, the Heroes complied.

While on their way to the Gaol as they crested a hill they saw Bridgeton was alight, and they could hear the far-off sounds of battle. Wrexx wanted to go and help sort things out but the City Watch refused to allow him, and rather than fight with the heavily armed watchmen he stayed with the group.

The Heroes found themselves in the Gaol, locked up, as they could see Bridgeton burn far away through the small window. Cobb tried to persuade the Watch to let them go, but to no avail. A while after, a messenger arrived telling the Watch of the attack on Bridgeton, and they gathered their gear and left. Cobb tried to persuade the messenger who was drinking the leftover rum from the Watch’s cups to bring the keys and let them go. He refused and left.

Soon afterward the bell in the Temple of Light began ringing, and the Heroes heard two loud explosions from Bridgeton.

A little later a woman walked into the room, took a chair, and sat down near to the cell. She introduced herself as Allieris and asked them what happened up at the cemetery; once apprised of the situation and asked if she could get them out of the cell she produced a lockpick and quickly opened the lock. Sarkan asked to be left in the cell, as he felt he was too badly injured to be of much use. Allieris locked the cell again and led the heroes out of the building. By this time the Temple bell had stopped ringing – when she commented on it and the Heroes didn’t know what it meant she explained and said that the Temple bell is rung when the island is under attack. Wrexx set off running as did Cobb once he had located a horse.

Arriving at Bridgeton they found a scene of utter carnage, it looked like every single one of the angry mob had been slaughtered by the defensive forces of the Heroes of Sky. Additionally, just off the coast there were two sinking ships, which were showing the flags of The Cove, Kalinar and the skull & crossbones of pirates. Furthermore, the fire on Bridgeton had been extinguished, however there was a massive hole smashed through the middle of the town – one of the guards explained someone from one of the ships had thrown something into the bridge which exploded.

The Heroes crossed the bridge and went into Lookout Point where they had a debriefing with Stoatra. He was somewhat concerned by what had occurred in Starcross and the mob which had tried to destroy Bridgeton and Lookout Point. Asking where Sarkan was, he sent a member of staff to go and release him from prison, otherwise come morning he would be swinging in the City Square for the deaths of all the citizens of Starcross. Stoatra also said he had alerted the communities nearby that if survivors of the pirate ships came ashore they were to be killed and no quarter be given.
Soon after, Sarkan was disturbed from his rest by a voice outside the window who told him he was to be sprung from prison, as otherwise come morning he would be likely to be hanged. Needing no further encouragement than that, this mysterious stranger removed the window, and replaced it once Sarkan was free. He then took the Dregordian to a boat and rowed him across Barkadeer Lake dropping him off at Lookout Point before vanishing into the mist.

Once all the group were together again, Stoatra explained that it would be best for them to avoid Starcross for the time being, while he tried to sort out some kind of diplomatic solution to the nights events. As it is it’d be a while before the heroes were fit enough to investigate further Stoatra suggested they rest and recuperate.

A Legend is Born

12 Gray Winds 3123
Four prospective new applicants to join The heroes of Sky were sent into the jungle to try and find the Paladin Tristan Malwin. he had been investigating rumors of Childer in the interior and went to discover the truth. he had not been heard from for about a week, hence the search party.

Cob borrowed an axe and a suit of full leather from Lookout Points Armory, and they set off, deciding to go through Starcross and onto Shadeston Road before moving south into the jungle at the halfway point (as this would lead them to the last known location of Tristan). Whilst in Starcross they called into the Church of Light to see if Tristan had returned. They were informed by one of the Church guards that he had not.

Things went well until they got about 3 miles into the jungle; Cob who was leading the group, sensed danger up ahead and Wrexx of the Ironwood decided to take point and investigate. This led him into deep water – or rather quicksand as he stumbled into a large depression containing the stuff. Unable to free himself and after going under once, Sarkan jumped in to save him. Diving deep he used all of his strength and with a heroic effort propelled the Ogre almost to safety, where he could climb out easily.

As they continued onward, they were surprised by an Alakar; Taredd who stepped silently out of the jungle. He inquired as to their business, and being told of their quest to find the Paladin resolved to tag along and help out.

Thereafter, they discovered an abandoned camp. After searching around they found the buried remains of trail rations and a pamphlet extoling the virtues of the Church of Archanon; one end of the paper was stained with some kind of ichor. Unsure of its significance, Cob took it with him.

Proceeding onward, their progress was halted as an arrow thunked into a tree not a foot away from COB’s head. From far down the trail a voice shouted a warning that they should leave this place. COB made an intimidating speech regarding their rescue mission and the hidden archer could be heard running away into the jungle.

A few miles later they heard voices ahead, sneaking closer they saw a clearing with a dozen or so armed men sitting around a small campfire. The group decided to have Cob run into the camp screaming and babbling about a monster chasing him through the jungle; in order to aid this, Sarkan was to emit a loud snarling sound, while Wrexx of the Ironwood shook some trees. Raok Whiteiron hid with his crossbow at the ready, in case any of them got too close. After the initial panic where several people fled the camp, a four of them braved the danger and went to investigate. The heroes remained hidden and were not seen, finding nothing they retraced their steps to return to the camp. Wrexx of the Ironwood reached out from his hiding place and grabbed the last guard; who managed to scream in terror. The others fled back into the safety of the clearing.

Wrexx of the Ironwood unwittingly crushed his captives head in his massive hand, and unsure what to do he threw the body into the clearing with a bellow. This caused the rest of the men in the clearing to flee, apart from Cob who drew a dagger, unleashed a battle cry and charged into the jungle towards his friends. As they congratulated themselves on a job well done, someone heard movement in the clearing.
Six men were dragging a captive into the clearing. They were forcing the bound man towards the hidden heroes, as if a sacrifice to whatever beast lay within the jungle. The heroes watched as he was forced at sword point into the tree cover; as soon as he was out of sight, Cob motioned for this man to quietly follow him; then he gave a suddenly cut off scream and Wrexx of the Ironwood shook some trees. The men in the clearing already terrified, ran for their lives.

The screaming, the sight and smell of all the blood, the flying headless corpse triggered Sarkan’s Battle Rage and he broke cover bellowing a battle cry as he sliced one of the fleeing men in two.Wrexx of the Ironwood too ran into the fray grabbing one of the men and using him as a club on another before leaping into the air and landing on one of them, crushing him completely. Cob cut one of them down, and Raok Whiteiron felled two with his crossbow.

The captive was revealed as Tristan. Taredd explained that while the bandits they had slain were real, as was the rumour of the Childer; their reason for being here was a setup to determine if they had the mettle needed to be a Hero of Sky. Happily he explained, they had.

Tristan revealed he had lost an artefact while in the jungle; the ‘Pamphlet of Zanros’ and was overjoyed when Cob returned it to him. Wrexx of the Ironwood enquired as to its usefulness and Tristan explained that Zanros; a Brinchie and one of the heroes of Sky had used it to kill a ghoul by rolling it up and driving it through the skull of the awful creature. The heroes didn’t quite believe such a fanciful tale but as a Paladin Tristan is always truthful.

The heroes returned to Lookout Point where Stoatra gifted the Full Leather armor to Cob , they donated the partial leather and the swords worn by the bandits they had killed to the Heroes of Sky. Raok Whiteiron offered to make some weapons and armor for the group and their allies, whilst Cob and Wrexx of the Ironwood volunteered to help train the soldiers in both armed and unarmed combat.

A strange rumour has been heard since this incident. As well as stories of Childer in the jungle, there is talk of a beast, so huge it shakes trees and lets forth a huge bellowing sound. It has the fetid odour of stale water and sweat – and has been seen ripping the head off one of Bandit Prince Lamin’s men.

New Beginnings

That night (see Welcome To The Jungle III) The storm that had been raging around the island grew to its worst yet!

Many whirlwinds and Cyclones were seen among the jungle of Sky, and they devastated many towns and villages; even Starcross did not survive unscathed; much less the bridge connecting Lookout Point to Starcross. massive storm surges battered the communities on Barkadeer Lake and there was much destruction.

A cyclone rushed through the lost city too, it was seen to take Ivan and Littleclaw aloft, arms flailing as it lifted them away into the storm drenched sky. They are feared lost, as there is a lot of tempestuous ocean between Sky and the mainland. But, they are heroes – and who knows where they may end up; such is the way of Shaintar.

16 Red Wolf, 3123 By morning, all was calm; strangely the damage done to Sky by the storm had repaired itself, parts of the caldera wall that had collapsed in the storms were rebuilt, floods had gone away; and the skies were blue. Buildings, however were still smashed and damaged, and the island found itself mostly bereft of chickens, goats and other meat.

The ziggurat was hit by a cyclone and wrecked, which destroyed the magic hiding the city. Caelor decided noone could have survived the damage done and led the city dwellers to freedom. These hundred people have now taken residence near lookout point and will serve as an army to aid the heroes of sky in times of need, there is a wide variety of skills and combatants in the city dwellers and all are loyal to the Heroes of Sky for having liberated them from the Childer and their leader.

Welcome To The Jungle III

The heroes upon finding the hidden city in the jungle had resolved to investigate further.

As they entered the town they saw the building roofs were being used to grow plants/crops, with some kind of rainwater irrigation method. The people of the city saw them coming and from his vantage point atop a building Content Not Found: littleclaw heard mention of the “Heroes of Sky”; and as the crowd gathered an old man emerged from it.

It transpired that he felt the characters presence was the catalyst he needed to get the cityfolk into combat against a force of Childer in the other half of the city who had been preying on them for food. Having no battle knowledge but remembering lessons taught by the Adepts of the Jade Flame – Littleclaw convinced them to fight defensively, whilst he went to look for their leader, hoping to kill him and end the problem.

Consequently they went to battle against the Childer. The cityfolk were outnumbered 2 to 1. Battle was joined. After suffering heavy losses, the Childer finally retreat but not before leaving the defensive force terribly weakened and fully one third of its original size. Caelor Oakdrifter was leading the cityfolk – however, after being injured in the fight, one of the old men advised him on the best tactics to use, which ultimately led them to victory, albeit at a terrible price.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: littleclaw_ using his Adept magic sped through the jungle on his mission to kill the head of the Childer. After returning to the _Content Not Found: ivan-the-lighthouse-sokolov to retrieve his ring which allows him to walk on water – he crossed the moat and infiltrated the ziggurat.

Coming across two goblins, he despatched them before they could utter a sound, and eventually discovered a room containing an old man (obviously a spellcaster) and two very large Trolls. Littleclaw took a run at high speed to charge and attack the villain but was stopped short when he crashed into an invisible barrier so hard, he made the whole building ring like a gong. The villain and his companions looked at Littleclaw and purposefully tuned away – walking out of the room.

He resolved to find a way round to get to him and thus went hunting through the other passage from his entry point. Although he didnt find him, he did find and dispatch a Minotaur in spectacular fashion (running along the wall and stabbing him with both of his swords, all the while not making a sound). Following the door from here eventually led to the outside – at which point Littleclaw returned to the battle.

With the battle over, the heroes mopped up the injured Childer, killing them for the good of the island.

The heroes intended to go to the ziggurat and kill the villain. However, the remaining Childer were camped outside the access point to this fortress, and so a different tactic was required. Content Not Found: ivan-the-lighthouse-sokolov was asked to run through the encampment, and hopefully, they would chase him onto the bridge, where Caelor waited to destroy it and them.

The chase began. Ivan ran through campfires, breaking limbs and smashing heads as he went; fully 90% of the Childer ran snarling after him – straight onto the bridge and into their trap. Caelor Oakdrifter loosed his Eldritch Jet which smashed into the bridge, striking a weak point and causing the entire stone structure to collapse; the air rang with the screams of the dying Childer and the sound of collapsing masonry.

As the dust settled battle was joined again! More Childer hurtled out of the jungle towards the heroes and were intercepted by the city folk who the Heroes had aided earlier after the first battle. The Childer did not prevail and were despatched in short order.

Triumphant – the Heroes and the city folk returned to their homes, safe in the knowledge that the Childer were dead and their evil master trapped in his fortress. Forever would it be known among the folks of the City that it was the Heroes of Sky that liberated them from the Childer threat, and they would always be welcomed with open arms here.

This day would be remembered in legend!

Welcome To The Jungle II

A few weeks have passed since we last met our heroes. They had traveled back to Starcross after Edwin was recalled to the Church of Light in the city. While there, the minutiae of everyday life consumed their time.

Several circumstances however, caused concern.

  • A man walked into the Poop deck. Asked to see Alieris and when she appeared, he exploded. The inn was damaged, but not irreparably.
  • A hooded figure threw a bag packed with Explosive Consequences through the door of the Church of Light in Starcross. The current High Priest; Lady Janemita was annihilated in the blast, and the resultant fire badly damaged the Church. The next day a note was found pinned to the door of the church.

In both cases, responsibility for these incidents was claimed by the Stygian Brotherhood; a shadowy association of necromancers and other ne’er do wells.

The heroes resolved to find this group as they had come across them before, and after some research it was discovered that they aren’t normally quite so overt in their activities; The heroes had identified via Alieris that a large consignment of crystal vials had come to Starcross by way of Flotsam, and were collected by a hooded figure.

The heroes figured this was the best lead they had, so they headed South to investigate.

Staying over at Corville, they learned the innkeeper (who had prior been converted by Edwin into the service of Arkanon) had been spreading the word and raised the funds to build a church there. The next morning as they left the inn an arrow bearing a note thudded into the wall by Ivan’s head; they took the note and went back into the taproom, where they discovered it said “Come no further south Ivan, lest fate deal more injury to your parents” and it was signed by Konyk.

They asked the innkeep if he had heard of Konyk and he wasn’t sure beyond the historical figure who set up Starcross. An old man at a table said he had heard of him. He proceeded to tell them of Konyk’s association with the Childer and the organisation known as the Stygian Brotherhood, but warned that divulging who had told them would likely cost him his life. He also said the best way to find him was to go West to Eriden and then travel South West into the jungle.

The heroes resolved to travel north to where the Caldera wall began to collapse and then cut across and into the jungle, just in case the route to Eriden was being monitored. As they cut through the ruined section of wall, some of it fell on them – injuring Caelor and Nava. They set camp south of the crossing point.

When they awoke they discovered Ghezin has been through the camp, and had smashed several of Ivan’s Vodka bottles; they found one of the Ghezin dead and holding a bottle of Vodka.

Further south and into the jungle they ran into Traaver who was camped in the jungle. he recognized the name ‘Konyk’ as they guy behind the Childer – he said they were heading the wrong direction though, as the collared leaders of them used to go South to a place West of Emperors Vantage, and although he had never been there – he had followed some of them to that area. he agreed to take them to that area, and he would decide later if he wanted to continue with them.

The heroes begin a search pattern to try and find the place where the Childer went. After several tries they all found themselves in a clearing facing a townscape. Hidden from discovery by strange magic. from the roofs grew plants, and the town was dominated by a massive zigggurat surrounded by a moat with only one access point.

They resolved to continue into the town and investigate further.

Welcome To The Jungle I

The heroes had resolved to go south in the jungle to the location where the mastermind of the Childer attacks was rumoured to be, after a stop over in Starcross for supplies and to collect Ivans maul and Littleclaws sword.

After collecting supplies they headed to Woodbush and from there into the jungle.

There are few trails in the jungle of the interior so travelling south was hard going. A little ways in, they came across Traaver, who engaged them in brief conversation – he was very cagey as to his reasons for being abroad in the jungle.

Along one of the trails they met a traveller who recognizes them; it is Fryn. he was one of the militia from the Needles. he is in a difficult situation and asks for their help and in return he would clear their name back home. he and his daughter Enesk were travelling back home after a meeting , when she was taken during the night, he saw which way they went, but not what took her, as he was knocked unconscious – the last thing he saw by the light if the full moon was a very hairy arm.

Our heroes agree to aid him and set off to find the kidnapper, whom they suspected was Traaver. After following the trail smashed through the jungle they see a small clearing with a campfire, atop which is a bubbling cooking pot. Enesk is naked, in a cage next to a bloodstained bench adorned with cleavers, meat hooks and similar butchery equipment.

Next to the fire is her captor; a mighty minotaur! As he sees the heroes he gets up from beside the fire and charges headlong at them. This knocks poor Edwin clean out and injures Caelor. Luckily the heroes prevailed and slew the mighty beast after a degree of injury.

They free Enesk, return her to her father and limp back to Woodbush to lick their wounds before attempting the jungle again.

The Sokolov Situation III

The heroes hoped to find the Shayakar before the militia caught up with them over the death of the scribe.

The militia had the doors open below then quite quickly; as the heroes fled, Nava stood at the top of the stairs barking and would not move away. Not understanding what was wrong with Nava, the heroes moved on.

Shortly after – the militia ran up the stairs and into the storerooms of this level; Littleclaw had hidden himself under some crates and boxes, while Caelor tried to delay the militia by causing some of the supply boxes to fall and impede tham – sadly this failed and rather than harm anyone, Caelor surrendered. Edwin and Sessrik went into the other room and could hear the lift being winched up towards them, likely with more militia within; Ivan did not wait and crashed through the gate leading to the level above. This proved to be a market area, in which traders were setting up stalls – he was somewhat taken aback as he did not expect to see such a thing here.

The lift did indeed prove to house militia. They quickly took everyone prisoner save Littleclaw and Ivan. The prisoners were moved outside onto the wooden platform to await the communnity leader. The lift was winched up and after a seemingly agonising wait, he arrived, flanked by guards and following along behind; the Shayakar they had been seeking.

Ivan came out of the building and surrendered; whilst Littleclaw with a masterful display of stealth, positioned himself among the crowd. The community leader was all for forcing them to fall to their deaths from the edge of the platform. They were saved however, by of all people; the Shayakar.

He persuaded the community leader to set them free. he explained they had only came looking for him and he beleived the death was an honest mistake, and if Ivan was willing to forget the incident with his parents, it would be for the best to simply ban them from the community for the rest of their lives. Ivan grudgingly agreed.

At this point Littleclaw stealthily made his way to the roof and picked the pocket of the Shayakar, taking a small bag which he hoped would contain the keys they sought.

The heroes left the community somewhat sheepishly and when Littleclaw openend the bag, all he found was a few coins and a note which read “sorry boys, not here”

The heroes resolved to go south in the jungle to the location where the mastermind of the Childer attacks was rumoured to be, after a stop over in Starcross for supplies and to collect Ivans maul and Littleclaws sword.

The Sokolov Situation II

The heroes headed off to the region of Starcross known as the Needles in order to find the Shayakar which cut off Ivan’s foster father’s little fingers.

Upon arrival at the Needles, the heroes were faced with the problem of finding where in the area of caldera wall and associated platforms and buildings their quarry was. Luckily they found a small tavern and enquired within; an Eldakar said he had shipped a Shayakar into the Needles about a week ago – he said he was a decent sort, and simply seeking fortune and adventure, he was very useful about ship. He told the heroes that he had gone into the needle istself, likely up to the top floor where the ‘boss’ dwelled.

Now knowing where he was, gaining access to the part of the buildings built into the stone pinnacle of the section of ruined caldera wall proved to be problematic and after some abuse by guards on a neraby tower they posed as travellers needing to hire a boat and simply knocked on the door.

They were granted access by a middle-aged man, who took Ivan and Edwin into the office area to sort out the paperwork. Edwin motioned to Ivan to hit him over the head so they could then search the needle unimpeded – sadly, Ivan’s strength betrayed him and he hit the scribe so hard he killed him and splattered the inside of his head all over the desk and wall.

As they hurridley left the room, a small child ran past the heroes outside and went into the office where Edwin and ivan were, his excited shouts of daddy! daddy! quickly trned to screams of horror when he saw what had happened. In a panic and trying to limit the situation before it really got out of hand, Edwin convinced Sessrik to implant a false memory into the mind of the child, that his dad had fallen from some ladders in an accident. While Edwin took the upset child back to his parents, and to try and explain what had happened, they moved the scribes body to the foot of the stairs they had found which led upward.

Shortly after, Edwin, the child and his mother along with a host of others who had heard of the death returned. After a short while he ushered them out into the street ostensibly so he could ‘pray for the deceased’ and barred the door behind them. Littleclaw who had left and gone outside saw the two guards who had given them trouble having left their tower and headed off saying something about “finding the militia, because this stinks” he slipped inside before the doors were fully barred and informed the others of what he had heard.

The way up was barred by iron gates, however Ivan tore off the gates and continued unimpeded. As the heroes left to go upstairs, they could hear the people outside rattling at the doors, trying to get back in.

They resolved to continue on and try to reach the Shayakar before the militia caught up with them.


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