Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

New Beginnings

That night (see Welcome To The Jungle III) The storm that had been raging around the island grew to its worst yet!

Many whirlwinds and Cyclones were seen among the jungle of Sky, and they devastated many towns and villages; even Starcross did not survive unscathed; much less the bridge connecting Lookout Point to Starcross. massive storm surges battered the communities on Barkadeer Lake and there was much destruction.

A cyclone rushed through the lost city too, it was seen to take Ivan and Littleclaw aloft, arms flailing as it lifted them away into the storm drenched sky. They are feared lost, as there is a lot of tempestuous ocean between Sky and the mainland. But, they are heroes – and who knows where they may end up; such is the way of Shaintar.

16 Red Wolf, 3123 By morning, all was calm; strangely the damage done to Sky by the storm had repaired itself, parts of the caldera wall that had collapsed in the storms were rebuilt, floods had gone away; and the skies were blue. Buildings, however were still smashed and damaged, and the island found itself mostly bereft of chickens, goats and other meat.

The ziggurat was hit by a cyclone and wrecked, which destroyed the magic hiding the city. Caelor decided noone could have survived the damage done and led the city dwellers to freedom. These hundred people have now taken residence near lookout point and will serve as an army to aid the heroes of sky in times of need, there is a wide variety of skills and combatants in the city dwellers and all are loyal to the Heroes of Sky for having liberated them from the Childer and their leader.

Welcome To The Jungle III

The heroes upon finding the hidden city in the jungle had resolved to investigate further.

As they entered the town they saw the building roofs were being used to grow plants/crops, with some kind of rainwater irrigation method. The people of the city saw them coming and from his vantage point atop a building Content Not Found: littleclaw heard mention of the “Heroes of Sky”; and as the crowd gathered an old man emerged from it.

It transpired that he felt the characters presence was the catalyst he needed to get the cityfolk into combat against a force of Childer in the other half of the city who had been preying on them for food. Having no battle knowledge but remembering lessons taught by the Adepts of the Jade Flame – Littleclaw convinced them to fight defensively, whilst he went to look for their leader, hoping to kill him and end the problem.

Consequently they went to battle against the Childer. The cityfolk were outnumbered 2 to 1. Battle was joined. After suffering heavy losses, the Childer finally retreat but not before leaving the defensive force terribly weakened and fully one third of its original size. Caelor Oakdrifter was leading the cityfolk – however, after being injured in the fight, one of the old men advised him on the best tactics to use, which ultimately led them to victory, albeit at a terrible price.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: littleclaw_ using his Adept magic sped through the jungle on his mission to kill the head of the Childer. After returning to the _Content Not Found: ivan-the-lighthouse-sokolov to retrieve his ring which allows him to walk on water – he crossed the moat and infiltrated the ziggurat.

Coming across two goblins, he despatched them before they could utter a sound, and eventually discovered a room containing an old man (obviously a spellcaster) and two very large Trolls. Littleclaw took a run at high speed to charge and attack the villain but was stopped short when he crashed into an invisible barrier so hard, he made the whole building ring like a gong. The villain and his companions looked at Littleclaw and purposefully tuned away – walking out of the room.

He resolved to find a way round to get to him and thus went hunting through the other passage from his entry point. Although he didnt find him, he did find and dispatch a Minotaur in spectacular fashion (running along the wall and stabbing him with both of his swords, all the while not making a sound). Following the door from here eventually led to the outside – at which point Littleclaw returned to the battle.

With the battle over, the heroes mopped up the injured Childer, killing them for the good of the island.

The heroes intended to go to the ziggurat and kill the villain. However, the remaining Childer were camped outside the access point to this fortress, and so a different tactic was required. Content Not Found: ivan-the-lighthouse-sokolov was asked to run through the encampment, and hopefully, they would chase him onto the bridge, where Caelor waited to destroy it and them.

The chase began. Ivan ran through campfires, breaking limbs and smashing heads as he went; fully 90% of the Childer ran snarling after him – straight onto the bridge and into their trap. Caelor Oakdrifter loosed his Eldritch Jet which smashed into the bridge, striking a weak point and causing the entire stone structure to collapse; the air rang with the screams of the dying Childer and the sound of collapsing masonry.

As the dust settled battle was joined again! More Childer hurtled out of the jungle towards the heroes and were intercepted by the city folk who the Heroes had aided earlier after the first battle. The Childer did not prevail and were despatched in short order.

Triumphant – the Heroes and the city folk returned to their homes, safe in the knowledge that the Childer were dead and their evil master trapped in his fortress. Forever would it be known among the folks of the City that it was the Heroes of Sky that liberated them from the Childer threat, and they would always be welcomed with open arms here.

This day would be remembered in legend!

Welcome To The Jungle II

A few weeks have passed since we last met our heroes. They had traveled back to Starcross after Edwin was recalled to the Church of Light in the city. While there, the minutiae of everyday life consumed their time.

Several circumstances however, caused concern.

  • A man walked into the Poop deck. Asked to see Alieris and when she appeared, he exploded. The inn was damaged, but not irreparably.
  • A hooded figure threw a bag packed with Explosive Consequences through the door of the Church of Light in Starcross. The current High Priest; Lady Janemita was annihilated in the blast, and the resultant fire badly damaged the Church. The next day a note was found pinned to the door of the church.

In both cases, responsibility for these incidents was claimed by the Stygian Brotherhood; a shadowy association of necromancers and other ne’er do wells.

The heroes resolved to find this group as they had come across them before, and after some research it was discovered that they aren’t normally quite so overt in their activities; The heroes had identified via Alieris that a large consignment of crystal vials had come to Starcross by way of Flotsam, and were collected by a hooded figure.

The heroes figured this was the best lead they had, so they headed South to investigate.

Staying over at Corville, they learned the innkeeper (who had prior been converted by Edwin into the service of Arkanon) had been spreading the word and raised the funds to build a church there. The next morning as they left the inn an arrow bearing a note thudded into the wall by Ivan’s head; they took the note and went back into the taproom, where they discovered it said “Come no further south Ivan, lest fate deal more injury to your parents” and it was signed by Konyk.

They asked the innkeep if he had heard of Konyk and he wasn’t sure beyond the historical figure who set up Starcross. An old man at a table said he had heard of him. He proceeded to tell them of Konyk’s association with the Childer and the organisation known as the Stygian Brotherhood, but warned that divulging who had told them would likely cost him his life. He also said the best way to find him was to go West to Eriden and then travel South West into the jungle.

The heroes resolved to travel north to where the Caldera wall began to collapse and then cut across and into the jungle, just in case the route to Eriden was being monitored. As they cut through the ruined section of wall, some of it fell on them – injuring Caelor and Nava. They set camp south of the crossing point.

When they awoke they discovered Ghezin has been through the camp, and had smashed several of Ivan’s Vodka bottles; they found one of the Ghezin dead and holding a bottle of Vodka.

Further south and into the jungle they ran into Traaver who was camped in the jungle. he recognized the name ‘Konyk’ as they guy behind the Childer – he said they were heading the wrong direction though, as the collared leaders of them used to go South to a place West of Emperors Vantage, and although he had never been there – he had followed some of them to that area. he agreed to take them to that area, and he would decide later if he wanted to continue with them.

The heroes begin a search pattern to try and find the place where the Childer went. After several tries they all found themselves in a clearing facing a townscape. Hidden from discovery by strange magic. from the roofs grew plants, and the town was dominated by a massive zigggurat surrounded by a moat with only one access point.

They resolved to continue into the town and investigate further.

Welcome To The Jungle I

The heroes had resolved to go south in the jungle to the location where the mastermind of the Childer attacks was rumoured to be, after a stop over in Starcross for supplies and to collect Ivans maul and Littleclaws sword.

After collecting supplies they headed to Woodbush and from there into the jungle.

There are few trails in the jungle of the interior so travelling south was hard going. A little ways in, they came across Traaver, who engaged them in brief conversation – he was very cagey as to his reasons for being abroad in the jungle.

Along one of the trails they met a traveller who recognizes them; it is Fryn. he was one of the militia from the Needles. he is in a difficult situation and asks for their help and in return he would clear their name back home. he and his daughter Enesk were travelling back home after a meeting , when she was taken during the night, he saw which way they went, but not what took her, as he was knocked unconscious – the last thing he saw by the light if the full moon was a very hairy arm.

Our heroes agree to aid him and set off to find the kidnapper, whom they suspected was Traaver. After following the trail smashed through the jungle they see a small clearing with a campfire, atop which is a bubbling cooking pot. Enesk is naked, in a cage next to a bloodstained bench adorned with cleavers, meat hooks and similar butchery equipment.

Next to the fire is her captor; a mighty minotaur! As he sees the heroes he gets up from beside the fire and charges headlong at them. This knocks poor Edwin clean out and injures Caelor. Luckily the heroes prevailed and slew the mighty beast after a degree of injury.

They free Enesk, return her to her father and limp back to Woodbush to lick their wounds before attempting the jungle again.

The Sokolov Situation III

The heroes hoped to find the Shayakar before the militia caught up with them over the death of the scribe.

The militia had the doors open below then quite quickly; as the heroes fled, Nava stood at the top of the stairs barking and would not move away. Not understanding what was wrong with Nava, the heroes moved on.

Shortly after – the militia ran up the stairs and into the storerooms of this level; Littleclaw had hidden himself under some crates and boxes, while Caelor tried to delay the militia by causing some of the supply boxes to fall and impede tham – sadly this failed and rather than harm anyone, Caelor surrendered. Edwin and Sessrik went into the other room and could hear the lift being winched up towards them, likely with more militia within; Ivan did not wait and crashed through the gate leading to the level above. This proved to be a market area, in which traders were setting up stalls – he was somewhat taken aback as he did not expect to see such a thing here.

The lift did indeed prove to house militia. They quickly took everyone prisoner save Littleclaw and Ivan. The prisoners were moved outside onto the wooden platform to await the communnity leader. The lift was winched up and after a seemingly agonising wait, he arrived, flanked by guards and following along behind; the Shayakar they had been seeking.

Ivan came out of the building and surrendered; whilst Littleclaw with a masterful display of stealth, positioned himself among the crowd. The community leader was all for forcing them to fall to their deaths from the edge of the platform. They were saved however, by of all people; the Shayakar.

He persuaded the community leader to set them free. he explained they had only came looking for him and he beleived the death was an honest mistake, and if Ivan was willing to forget the incident with his parents, it would be for the best to simply ban them from the community for the rest of their lives. Ivan grudgingly agreed.

At this point Littleclaw stealthily made his way to the roof and picked the pocket of the Shayakar, taking a small bag which he hoped would contain the keys they sought.

The heroes left the community somewhat sheepishly and when Littleclaw openend the bag, all he found was a few coins and a note which read “sorry boys, not here”

The heroes resolved to go south in the jungle to the location where the mastermind of the Childer attacks was rumoured to be, after a stop over in Starcross for supplies and to collect Ivans maul and Littleclaws sword.

The Sokolov Situation II

The heroes headed off to the region of Starcross known as the Needles in order to find the Shayakar which cut off Ivan’s foster father’s little fingers.

Upon arrival at the Needles, the heroes were faced with the problem of finding where in the area of caldera wall and associated platforms and buildings their quarry was. Luckily they found a small tavern and enquired within; an Eldakar said he had shipped a Shayakar into the Needles about a week ago – he said he was a decent sort, and simply seeking fortune and adventure, he was very useful about ship. He told the heroes that he had gone into the needle istself, likely up to the top floor where the ‘boss’ dwelled.

Now knowing where he was, gaining access to the part of the buildings built into the stone pinnacle of the section of ruined caldera wall proved to be problematic and after some abuse by guards on a neraby tower they posed as travellers needing to hire a boat and simply knocked on the door.

They were granted access by a middle-aged man, who took Ivan and Edwin into the office area to sort out the paperwork. Edwin motioned to Ivan to hit him over the head so they could then search the needle unimpeded – sadly, Ivan’s strength betrayed him and he hit the scribe so hard he killed him and splattered the inside of his head all over the desk and wall.

As they hurridley left the room, a small child ran past the heroes outside and went into the office where Edwin and ivan were, his excited shouts of daddy! daddy! quickly trned to screams of horror when he saw what had happened. In a panic and trying to limit the situation before it really got out of hand, Edwin convinced Sessrik to implant a false memory into the mind of the child, that his dad had fallen from some ladders in an accident. While Edwin took the upset child back to his parents, and to try and explain what had happened, they moved the scribes body to the foot of the stairs they had found which led upward.

Shortly after, Edwin, the child and his mother along with a host of others who had heard of the death returned. After a short while he ushered them out into the street ostensibly so he could ‘pray for the deceased’ and barred the door behind them. Littleclaw who had left and gone outside saw the two guards who had given them trouble having left their tower and headed off saying something about “finding the militia, because this stinks” he slipped inside before the doors were fully barred and informed the others of what he had heard.

The way up was barred by iron gates, however Ivan tore off the gates and continued unimpeded. As the heroes left to go upstairs, they could hear the people outside rattling at the doors, trying to get back in.

They resolved to continue on and try to reach the Shayakar before the militia caught up with them.

The Sokolov Situation I

The heroes returned to Lookout Point and discover that Ivan’s adopted parents have been kidnapped!

The delivery for the Poop deck had been delayed, and thus after a couple days, Alieris sent a runner to see what was wrong. The runner reported that the house had been ransacked, as if the attackers were looking for something but unable to find it. There was blood on the floor by the table but no sign of the Sokolovs. Also, the staff reported no sign of a note or ransom demand.

Yesterday, a note was delivered to Lookout Point for Ivan. It says:

“We have your parents, surrender to us what is ours by noon in four days or they will hang from The Needles. Oh, and in case you are as stupid as you look, we want the Keys. Bring them to Starcross Library and leave them with Stefan. Your parents will be returned the next day. We shall not meet.” it is signed the Stygian Brotherhood.

The heroes made haste to Starcross library, but were refused access. It turns out that allowing Traaver stay at Lookout Point, made them guilty by association after he had tried to kill a Scrollkeeper as described in an earlier report. This meant they were barred from the library until they were rid of him. They asked to speak to Stefan, who after some time did come to the door.

He explained that the kidnappers had offered the Library a translation of a book meant to have come from Earth-Heart City, with a promise of the actual book when the keys were delivered. The Scrollkeepers could not pass up on this opportunity. After some conversation in which the heroes tried to convince Stefan into accepting a different offer, so they could find they kidnappers, they finally relented and handed over the keys – as the other outcome would have involved ivan storming the Library, which would have caused all sorts of problems of its own.

Stefan vanished with the keys, and Caelor decided to disguise Nava as a different dog and send him into the Library to find Stefan and hopefully witness the handing over of the keys to the kidnapper(s) and be able to follow them to gauge the location of their base.

Edwin volunteered to stay and keep watch for Nava as the others went to Stillwater, to seek evidence as to the events surrounding the disappearance of Ivans parents.

At the Sokolovs’ home Caelor managed to find several clues:

  • The blood on the floor wasn’t human
  • There was a small amount of black material torn and caught on the latch of a door
  • Som long hair was found which again wasn’t human
  • An arrowhead was lodged in a wall in the kitchen
  • Two guards had been killed, and they had not had time even to draw a weapon. Footprints a couple yards away suggested a woman, or someone of a light build

They stayed over at the brewery and travelled back to Starcross the next morning, after ensuring the staff didnt disturb either the house or the place where the guards were killed.

Meanwhile Edwin entertained himself with some of the ladies of Starcross while looking out for Nava, of which there was no sign. The next morning they regrouped at the cafe where Edwin had stationed himself the day before. After discussion they realised it may be longer than they expected to see any movement from the kidnappers, given the timeline they had suggested in their note. Edwin investigated the arrow head and discovered it was made of Black Iron, and in addition to a makers mark it had strange runes upon it. Caelor resolved to investigate the runes to determine their origin, and while he was doing this they took shifts keeping an eye out for Nava.

A messenger handed them a note and then walked off into the busy throng of cityfolk. The note read “Thank you for the keys. Ivans parents will be returned home tomorrow. Undestand that your actions in staking out the Library will have consequences”

Eventually, Littleclaw spotted a dog that looked ‘out of place’ in the street, and when he called him, Nava came over. It was realised that in the haste to disguise the dog, Caelor had forgotten to tell the others how he had disguised him. caelor managed to determine the likely location of the kidnappers from the information Nava communicated.

The next day the heroes sent Littleclaw to Stillwater to find out how the Sokolov’s were and what had happened. When he returned it turns out that they were taken by a tall slender very pale kidnapper, whom his father said was a Shayakar. They were overpowered and hooded. they remembered being carried, placed on a boat, and taken to a place which stank of fish. They were fed and allowed to drink, and after a few days hooded again, put onto a boat and returned home. At this point Littleclaw noticed Ivan’s fathers hands were bandaged, and he was told that the Shayakar had cut off each of his little fingers due to the heroes staking out the library. Littleclaw made sure their staff were on hand to keep them comfortable and returned to Starcross.

Meanwhile, Caelor had taken the arrow to a weaponsmith, who identified the makers mark as belonging to Chind who operates out of Fortune in the Freelands. Ivan asked for his Greatsword be melted down and use to make a maul – if there was any spare white silver it was to be used to make a Rrka for Littleclaw. The weaponsmith said it would take 2-3 days to complete.

When Littleclaw returned the heroes resolved to assault the kidnappers base, as he did not have his greatsword, Ivan fashioned a makeshift maul out of a section of tree trunk and the heroes prepared to set off.

The Dead Rise III

The heroes gained entry to the hillfort and after dealing with some Undead in the murder hole, came face to face with animated statues.

The statues were dispatched with startling and efficient brutality by the heroes, as were the remaining undead archers from the left side of the murder-hole. They ventured further into the underground passages and chambers, seeking the necromancer. When they opened the double wide doors to a large room, they discovered it was set up like a throne room, several doors led off it, and at the far end was a raised dias with a large seat upon it. The room was deathly silent, but as they entered, they could hear a whining sound, like that made by an animal in distress. The source of that sound was a cage suspended some fifteen feet above the ground. As Ivan walked closer and his light reached it, huddled in the cage was Nava, Caelors trusty canine companion. Caelor insisted that he climb upon Ivan to retrieve him, and while he did this the others inspected the rest of the room.

Nava began to bark excitedly and cause the cage to rattle violently as he tried to reach Caelor. When caelor opened the cage however, this all changed. His excited barking turned to angry snarls and he launched at Caelor snapping and biting. After he had bitten Caelor he ran, heading for the exit of the hillfort. Caelor called after him and Nava turned and looked, sadness in his gaze.

Littleclaw, ran after him and reaching him in the corridor, tried to grab him. Nava, being so quick, bit him before his hands could reach him, and caused a pretty serious wound. Littleclaw did notice that Nava had one of the collars on him (the collars mentioned in earlier reports) and he shouted this to the others. By this time, Caelor had reached them and he used his magic to target the collar and destroy it. Nava was somewhat shell-shocked and seemed to be trying to clear his head as he followed the heroes.

From the room they were in was a sudden commotion as doors were smashed and skeletons came rushing though. With the combined might of the heroes, they did not last long at all, and upon investigating the room they were in they found cells. Two of these cells contained villagers who had gone to investigate the disappearance of the bodies from Pryvale cemetary. They freed them and they followed.

A labratory was found, one of the villagers had been strapped to a table and various necromantic experiments were being performed upon him, as there was nothing the heroes could do, they ended his suffering. At this point, saddened by what they had seen the villagers decided to return home to safety.

Just off from the labratory they found the living quarters of the necromancer. As they searched the contents of the room they came across a note:

“Return to me immediatley Lorik, the Stygian Brotherhood has need of you” it is dated three days ago and signed by Konyk.

The heroes realised that Konyk was the name of the Tor Mastak operative who had been given one of the keys they sought. As for the Stygian Brotherhood – all they were aware of is that is is only spoken of in hushed tones in darkened rooms, and is rumoured to be a group of necromancers and ne’er do wells who exist to further the cause of Darkness.

The heroes resolved to finish cleaning out the undead from the fort and then return to Lookout Point to plan their next move, which would likely involve going into the jungle to find the source of the person who controlled the Childer.

The Dead Rise II

The heroes observe the hillfort and try to decide the best way to attack.
The hillfort has a central gatehouse and four towers with a pallisade wall, each of these towers is manned by an undead with an emplaced ballista. Each wall section (there are four) has two undead guards atop it and both the inner and outer entrances to the gatehouse have two undead guards.

The heroes decided that Littleclaw should approach the pallisade wall stealthily and determine if there were any weak spots in its construction and weaken them as best he can without attracting attention to himself. This works for a while, until he is spotted by a tower guard who shouts to raise the alarm and fires his ballista but misses. Littleclaw runs back to the safety of the rest of the group but in the process is hit and badly injured by a ballista bolt. Luckily, Edwin is at hand and through the blessing of Arkanon restores the brinchie to full health.

Caelor used his magic to weaken the wall even further before Ivan crashed through it into the courtyard. The rejuvinated Littleclaw leapt onto the guard tower and began attacking the undead found there. The heroes all found their targets with spell, claw, sword and crossbow, and before long the undead were destroyed. Arkanon was surely with Edwin this day as he survived unscathed from a direct hit with a ballista bolt.

However, the shed in the courtyard was smashed apart to reveal the Troll they ran into earlier! Better prepared this time, the heroes prevailed quickly, and as it died Edwin recognized it as having been Trax – the ogre they rescued from Traaver, but now he was wearing one of the curious collars. As he died he looked at Edwin and said “This … is .. all your fault” as he slid into the death.

Somewhat confused by the meaning of Trax’s last words, the heroes press on into the hillside, through the doors of the necromancers lair. They encountered a murder hole, first of all, arrow slits lining the walls of the corridor and undead behind them firing through. Somewhat incensed by this, Ivan smashed through the wall and the heroes engaged the undead in melee.

The combined might of the heroes smashed the undead into smithereens very quickly and they m oved into the corridor beyond. This had statues stood in wall recesses, and as the heroes watched some of them began to move and approach them, weapons drawn.

To be continued ……

The Dead Rise I

Whilst at Lookout Point, the heroes were made aware of a situation developing in the villages surrounding Desperation out to the west. There are reports of three dozen graves being desecrated and the bodies stolen across the villages of Pryvale, Northden and Greenley. Some locals have set out to investigate but little has been heard from them since.

Stoatra felt this was a more pressing matter then locating the keys, as this could indicate necromancer activity.

The heroes travelled to Pryvale and made themselves known to the village leader ‘Tamic’ – he bids the heroes investigate and grants them access to any resources the village can aid them with. The bodies were stolen from the graveyard around the church.

The heroes reason that the thieves may return, so they set watch at the graveyard. While Edwin was ‘spreading the word of Arkanon’ among the local womenfolk, the others kept watch for necromancers and others of that ilk.

Nava was sent off to scout about for traces of the corpses or those who took them.

Soon a large lumbering shadowy figure was seen in the mists of the night. As it got closer they recognized it as a Troll! Made aware of the creature by Sessrik’s mental powers, Edwin rushed to get dressed and reach the graveyard while he remembered what he knew of the Trolls.

Meanwhile, the heroes attempt to tackle the Troll in case it attacked the village. After several futile attempts to harm it, they manage to drive it off via an illusion of a Thratchen, cleverly created by Sessrik.

Returning to the village inn, the heroes spent the rest of the evening learning the lay of the land, and asking about strange events taking place. They learned that an old abandoned tower in the Childer Hills has had a recent increase in activity; the tower was owned by a Mage by the name of Thisur, who died a century or so ago – and its been empty for as long as anyone can remember, until recently that is, there’s been lights in the windows and carrion birds have been seen circling the top of the tower.

The heroes resolve to go to the tower the next morning and investigate. There is still no sign of Nava.

The next morning, the heroes strike out for the tower. Reaching it about noon, Ivan decides to ‘knock’ on the door with his foot. He kicks the door completely off and it crashes into the room beyond with a thunderous noise. They are surprised when someone shouts at them from within, demanding to know what is going on; it transpires the tower has been occupied by a Druid by the name of Ralen. He explains he came to Sky a month or two ago and found the tower abandoned and empty so he moved into it.

After the heroes fixed his door, they asked him about movement of undead. he said there is a fort of some kind to the north east in the hills. He offers to take them to see it. A few hours later and they are on a hill overlooking a hillfort. Part of it is built into the hillside and it is staffed by zombies and skeletons.

As they intend to assault the fort they send this report in case they don’t succeed.


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