Major Communities

There are several communities on the island, dotted around its perimeter, some on the relatively flat land of the north-east coast, and some perched onto or built into the walls of the caldera and in the jungle itself.


Nestled against the jungle and a saltwater lake lies the city of Starcross, its extensive waterfronts allow access to ships of many kinds and parts of the city are built into the pillars and walls of the ruined caldera. The lake is connected to the ocean by means of an 2 mile long, winding natural gorge several hundred feet wide, making access to the city sometimes perilous but always worth the trip.

North Harbour

This is a town on the eastern coast, a little ways up from Starcross, it is called North Harbour as it receives a lot of trade from the Freelands which lie to the north-east, from those who do not want to brave the Starcross channel. It sits on a narrow strip of land which separates the lake from the ocean, and thus has easy access to both sea trade and the shipping of goods across the lake to Starcross.


This place is located on the top of the caldera almost directly opposite Starcross. It is a small but busy town, there are only a few buildings at the surface, the majority of the town is built into the walls of the old volcano, down towards the ocean below, where ships dock and trade flourishes.

The Cove

This town is built into the sea caves on the south-western wall of the caldera. This is the where the Pirate King Kevdak and his many allies live and operate from. He sees himself as the rightful ruler of Starcross (and thus Sky Island) as he is the direct and last remaining descendant of one of the original pirate families.

As the cove is friendly to the Kal-a-Nar Empire There have been Kal agents (especially Tor Mastak) present and operating out of it since it was first built.

Pirate king Kevdak is only a king of a small number of pirates, no more than three dozen ships overall – still a formidable force when assembled, though that is rare as at any given time all but 3-4 ships are out in the ocean plundering or at one of the other communities of Sky or the Freelands.


This small community is located halfway up the Northern side of the caldera and is accessed by treacherous paths and crumbling walkways. It is a small community of Warrior-Adepts of the Jade Flame. They do not fraternize with others outside of their own unless absolutely necessary and do not take kindly to being disturbed without good reason. However, if that reason is good or just they may decide to aid those who ask.

Major Communities

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