Places of Interest

Sky Island has several places of interest

Barkadeer Lake

This is the large saltwater lake, whose western shore is dominated by the city of Starcross, and its eastern by the town of North Harbor. Formed when the roof of an empty secondary magma chamber collapsed millennia ago, the seawater rushed in along a channel which was created in the process and filled it. The lake itself is an astonishing 1000 yards deep, and is subject to the ocean tides, these make the channel dangerous during the changing tide, as water rushes into and out of the gorge.


Since the Tempest, the people of Sky have been busy. Across the channel which connects Barkadeer Lake to the sea, a wooden bridge has been built. Spanning the entire channel, it is 100 yards wide and strengthened with hundreds of vines. This bridge has been so useful in establishing traffic from the eastern side of the island that it is now a town in its own right. It is staffed by soldiers from Lookout Point, and its master is Caelor Oakdrifter who oversees its operation when not concentrating on magical studies.

Emperors Vantage

A lone tower sits at the highest point of the island. A symbol of the Kal-a-Nar Empire’s power it was built hundreds of years ago when Starcross was founded. Now abandoned save for occasional lights in the windows, it is surmised to be travellers taking rest overnight, though in truth no-one has sought the answer.

Lookout Point

This tower on the coast of Sky, is not far from the community of North Harbour, and has access to the lake, bridgeton and thus Starcross. This is the home of Old ‘Smelly’ Stoatra – a goblin with dubious bathing habits, who also happens to be allied with the Rangers of the Freelands, and avowed to protect Sky Island from all threats. He has gathered together a diverse group of heroes from across the island to aid him in its defence. This is the headquarters of the heroes of Sky.

Starcross Graveyard

The graveyard in Starcross is a large circular walled place with the Tomb of Lanyar in the centre. Lanyar was one of the original Heroes of Sky, back when Stoatra first formed the group – he died in a battle liberating Starcross from the pirates and a small group of Childer, and thus he was honored with a tomb and statue. His tomb is used as a meeting point in the graveyard due to being central, and known of by the majority of citizens.

Starcross Library

This library has remained neutral ground for around 250 years; throughout the history of Starcross it has had many rulers, and in all these troubled times, the library has stood strong. No one, not pirate, politician or vagabond alike will disturb the sanctity & neutrality of the Library – it is seen as a place of peace – there are rooms where negotiations can be carried out, as well as thousands of books on many different subjects. It is guarded and maintained by a monastic order known as the Starcross Scrollkeepers; they always seek new books to add to the collection and often will go to great lengths to procure them. New members are drawn from the brightest orphans of the city, and in them is instilled a great respect for these books as well as a thirst for knowledge and a fantastic education.

The Poop Deck

This is a tavern in Starcross, it is of note due to both its owner and its unusual nature. The tavern is essentially the back half of an ancient pirate ship, dragged ashore and attached to a stone pillar – a part of the fragmented caldera wall. Over time the various owners have built the ship into and onto the pillar making the two inseparable. Passages and tunnels have been dug into the rock pillar to provide a place to stay for weary travellers, and Alierris herself lives at the very top of the pillar in opulent apartments. The tavern itself is a spit and sawdust kind of establishment often frequented by ‘undesirables’ but it is a centre for information as well as trade in illegal or hard to find goods. It is rumoured that the ownerAlierris Fiedlerson is part of the Red Store, though this has never been proven – and in fact those who ask too many of those kind of questions tend to vanish in mysterious circumstances or have life changing injuries though ‘accidents’.

The Volcano Caves

The caldera walls surrounding the jungle are riddled with caves, both those above water level and sea-caves, some of which are rumoured to allow access into the jungle itself, and some are even claimed to go deep below sea level into the heart of the now dead volcano.

These caves are often used by smugglers, pirates or members of organisations like the Tor-Mastak or The Red Store. Miners too use the caves, the rocks of the caldera are rich in minerals, and can provide a tidy profit n some areas.

Earth-Heart City

There have been claims of a long forgotten city found in the ancient magma chamber far beneath the jungle, this place is said to be of Builder origin, though no evidence of that or the existence of the city has ever been provided. Still, the absence of proof has not stopped the brave (or foolhardy) from seeking such a place.

The Needles

This area is technically still part of Starcross, though the inhabitants see themselves as independant. It is formed of the remnants of the caldera wall that protrude across into lake barkadeer and across onto the north western shore. At first glance it is somewhat of shanty town with homes, inns and businesses precariously balanced onto and between the rocky pinnacles ans spires, some dug into them, with many levels formed of wooden platforms, while at sea level there are wharfs and ports for small sailing vessels. In reality each ‘needle’ tends to be an insular community, often the size of a small village but sometimes as big as a small town. The whole area smells of fish, death and excrement; both of the known races and from the vast horde of seabirds who make their home atop them.

Places of Interest

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