Shaintar: Legends Awaken Rangers of Sky

Angry Mobs

19 Gray Winds 3123

Since the last adventure, the Heroes of Sky had been disturbed to hear stories from the communities across the island of the dead rising from their graves and walking off into the jungle interior of the island. In order to try and determine the truth, Stoatra had sent word out through his contacts that he was looking into the situation.

A Necromancer by the name of Dederic, known to the Heroes as a ‘neutral’ party; he had aided them before contacted Stoatra with some information. He wanted to meet someone from the Heroes by the Tomb of Lanyar in Starcross to discuss what he knew and to gain some help in dealing with the problem. Stoatra decided to send the newest recruits to the meeting.

The Heroes arrived at the the Tomb after Wrexx was clearly told that Dederic was NOT to be harmed in any way.

The graveyard in Starcross is a large circular walled place with the Tomb of Lanyar in the centre. Lanyar was one of the original Heroes of Sky, back when Stoatra first formed the group – he died in a battle liberating Starcross from the pirates and a small group of Childer, and thus he was honored with a central tomb and statue. His tomb is used as a meeting point in the graveyard due to being central, and known of by the majority of citizens.
Upon arrival, Dederic could be seen skulking in the shadows, trying to remain inconspicuous in his black hooded robes. He introduced himself to the group and asked if they had heard of the dead rising across the island. He went on to say that he suspected the Stygian Brotherhood were responsible; and although he couldn’t prove it they Heroes needed to be aware of their possible involvement. He suggested they might start investigating by laying in wait at a graveyard for the dead to rise and look for a Necromancer or the like who might be responsible.
One of the group noticed a flickering glow coming from the graveyard entrance. This turned out to be a large angry mob with pitchfork, torches, axes, and swords. The could be heard shouting “burn the necromancer”, which understandably made Dederic nervous. As they approached the Heroes, Dederic fled, only to be captured and dragged back by two burly individuals a few moments later. Sarkan watched them intently as he was aware they were not to allow any harm to come to Dederic.

The crowd were furious that a Necromancer was in their graveyard with his accomplices intending to despoil their dead. Cobb and Wrexx tried to intimidate the crowd into leaving but this was thwarted by an individual within the crowd, who looked like he was from a restaurant given his cooks attire. This man spurred the crowd on and enraged them once more. Wrexx made the unfortunate comment “they look tasty” which in conjunction with the shouting from the crowd triggered Sarkan’s battle rage. As he was watching the people who had hold of Dederic he launched himself at them, tearing the arm off one of them, and gnawing on the flesh as he did so. The other individual, sensibly ran for the hills, leaving the group facing an even more enraged crowd.
At this point one of the crowd realised who the Heroes were and ramped up the situation by shouting “They’re the Heroes of Sky – protecting a Necromancer, they’re in league with evil, Burn them, Burn them all!” Roughly half the crowd ran off with him intending to burn both Bridgeton and Lookout Point. The heroes’ situation looked hopeless, they were still facing some 150 angry folk and they unable to warn their compadres at Lookout Point of the incoming problem. Despite further attempts to diffuse the situation to no avail, the Heroes resolved to try and fight their way out of the graveyard. Thus they launched at the angry mob. The resulting melee wasn’t pretty or elegant in any way, and after both Cob and Sarkan were injured, the situation was resolved by Wrexx, who with heroic effort smashed scores of cityfolk until their morale broke and the able-bodied fled the scene. Cobb tried speaking to the injured folk left behind and inadvertently implied that the Heroes may indeed have attacked Dederic – as a result of which he fled swearing never to aid the Heroes again.

Shortly thereafter the City Watch arrived, alerted by someone in the crowd some time before. They surveyed the scene and while enquiring what happened were told of the crowd going after Bridgeton. They weren’t interested in that situation, instead insisting the Heroes went with them quietly to the Gaol. Rather than fight more, due to injury, the Heroes complied.

While on their way to the Gaol as they crested a hill they saw Bridgeton was alight, and they could hear the far-off sounds of battle. Wrexx wanted to go and help sort things out but the City Watch refused to allow him, and rather than fight with the heavily armed watchmen he stayed with the group.

The Heroes found themselves in the Gaol, locked up, as they could see Bridgeton burn far away through the small window. Cobb tried to persuade the Watch to let them go, but to no avail. A while after, a messenger arrived telling the Watch of the attack on Bridgeton, and they gathered their gear and left. Cobb tried to persuade the messenger who was drinking the leftover rum from the Watch’s cups to bring the keys and let them go. He refused and left.

Soon afterward the bell in the Temple of Light began ringing, and the Heroes heard two loud explosions from Bridgeton.

A little later a woman walked into the room, took a chair, and sat down near to the cell. She introduced herself as Allieris and asked them what happened up at the cemetery; once apprised of the situation and asked if she could get them out of the cell she produced a lockpick and quickly opened the lock. Sarkan asked to be left in the cell, as he felt he was too badly injured to be of much use. Allieris locked the cell again and led the heroes out of the building. By this time the Temple bell had stopped ringing – when she commented on it and the Heroes didn’t know what it meant she explained and said that the Temple bell is rung when the island is under attack. Wrexx set off running as did Cobb once he had located a horse.

Arriving at Bridgeton they found a scene of utter carnage, it looked like every single one of the angry mob had been slaughtered by the defensive forces of the Heroes of Sky. Additionally, just off the coast there were two sinking ships, which were showing the flags of The Cove, Kalinar and the skull & crossbones of pirates. Furthermore, the fire on Bridgeton had been extinguished, however there was a massive hole smashed through the middle of the town – one of the guards explained someone from one of the ships had thrown something into the bridge which exploded.

The Heroes crossed the bridge and went into Lookout Point where they had a debriefing with Stoatra. He was somewhat concerned by what had occurred in Starcross and the mob which had tried to destroy Bridgeton and Lookout Point. Asking where Sarkan was, he sent a member of staff to go and release him from prison, otherwise come morning he would be swinging in the City Square for the deaths of all the citizens of Starcross. Stoatra also said he had alerted the communities nearby that if survivors of the pirate ships came ashore they were to be killed and no quarter be given.
Soon after, Sarkan was disturbed from his rest by a voice outside the window who told him he was to be sprung from prison, as otherwise come morning he would be likely to be hanged. Needing no further encouragement than that, this mysterious stranger removed the window, and replaced it once Sarkan was free. He then took the Dregordian to a boat and rowed him across Barkadeer Lake dropping him off at Lookout Point before vanishing into the mist.

Once all the group were together again, Stoatra explained that it would be best for them to avoid Starcross for the time being, while he tried to sort out some kind of diplomatic solution to the nights events. As it is it’d be a while before the heroes were fit enough to investigate further Stoatra suggested they rest and recuperate.



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